In Ónar we believe that the traditional technology consulting in Spain does not work properly, because companies act like mere intermediaries between customer and consultants, and they do not contribute with their overall experience as a company. This causes that only a portion of the technical knowledge reaches the customer, and also that solutions that could be easily adapted are rebuilt from zero once and again.

We try that the entire company takes part in every project, focusing in reusing and sharing knowledge.

Our main activity focuses on the development of technologies related to document management and web content management, as well as custom solutions.

The mere implementation of new technologies in general, and the document management and web content in particular, is not enough to give a company a competitive advantage or an increase in productivity. It is necessary to perform a work of analysis of the business processes of the company, the type of documentation that handles, its positioning in the market, as well as the level of training of its employees. Ónar offers comprehensive action, thereby ensuring that your company receives maximum benefit consisting of improvements specific to your business.